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Who are we?
We are a leading provider of Disc Jockey and Karaoke entertainment, based in Sugar Land we serve all of Houston and Southeast Texas. Established in 1974, it was only natural for equipment rentals to become an extension of the services we offer. And now, we're proud to say, we are America's Largest Karaoke rental company!
Professional Equipment:
We only use professional band equipment to produce the highest quality sound with the largest Digital libraries. Others offer cheaper "boom boxes", less dependable equipment and smaller libraries that have missing disc's or disc's that skip, please compare, keep quality in mind and remember "the bitterness of poor quality is long remembered after the sweetness of low price". Many times customers ask "what is the difference between one system and another"? This is easy to answer, quality of sound from larger speakers and power of the amplifiers, our larger systems produce the best sound.
Free Party Favors and Stage Lights
We now offer at no cost to you karaoke party props, you'll get 2 inflatable guitars, 2 inflatable saxophones, 2 inflatable microphones, and 2 party hats. We also are including 1 Color Bank floor stage light or Vertigo lighting effect that sends an array of color to your room... FREE WITH EVERY KARAOKE RENTAL

Karaoke Systems  
Mega Pro  

This is our best professional karaoke package is suited for any stage show or party (we use this system ourselves). Laptop computer with over 24,000 songs to chose from, Two catalogs listing all songs (more if needed), Mackie DFX6 mixer with 3 Wireless Handheld microphones, 19" LCD Monitor w/stand, all cables, two Mackie 15" Powered speakers 1000watt Output w/stands. "This system raises the quality bar of karaoke rentals". - (Client pick up $300.00)

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Stage Pro  

This professional karaoke package is suited for any stage show or party. Laptop computer with over 24,000 songs to chose from, Peavey 600 watt power mixer with 3 + 1 Shure SM-58 microphones, 19" LCD Monitor w/stand, all cables, two Yamaha 15" Club Series speakers w/stands. "Our most popular system". - (Client pick up $250.00)

Party Pro Plus  

Enjoy all digital sound produced from Laptop computer with over 24,000 songs to chose from. Powerful 100W mixer with 2 +1 microphones, two 12" Full Range speakers’ w/stands, 19" LCD Monitor w/stand, all cables, This system is just right for party’s of less than 30 to 50 guests. - (Client Pick up $175.00)

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DJ Systems  
We now offer professional DJ sound systems which include all the equipment needed to entertain at your event. These systems include a dual deck CD player, mixer, microphone, 2 15" speakers with stands, and a powerful amplifier. All enclosed in professional road cases. Great for entertaining or as a powerful PA system, we even include the cables needed to connect your IPod or computer!
(Client Pick up $175.00)

Professional Karaoke Event Hosting:

Let our professionals host your event and we will motivate your guest to ensure that your event is everything that you planned. We will do all the technical set up and removal of the equipment. You will have a successful, entertaining event with no hassles... so that you may just relax and have fun. Give us your plans and we will give you the best service at the best price.

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